Symbolic Meaning of Fox... by Presley Love "Fox symbolism holds the magic of pure luck and brings the energies of mischief and opportunity. He is the central character of many fables from France, England and Germany. My nephew is as sly as a fox. ... clever meaning and definition. It is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area. We also saythat person is dumb like a fox Meaning the person pretends to be unintelligent to serve. Most fables featuring Reynard the Fox include other animals that also act like humans. Resourceful, sometimes to the point of cunning. You have to be cunning as a fox to outwit me. Comparisons like these using the words like" or as" are called similes. I had never found this idiom " He is as clever as a fox," I' ve looked for every idioms -saying dictionary on the Internet, but I found only: "Sly as a fox." ... like a puppy. [good meaning] ... #mental #funny #clever #sly #cunning #crazy #george. He is the son of a clever doctor, and the marriage will take Clich smart and clever. Fox totem loves to play reminding you to make time to play ~ forgetting your worries". Definition of cunning as a fox in the Idioms Dictionary. crazy like a fox unknown. If you say that someone is "crazy like a fox", it means that their behavior appears to be insane or nonsensical at first glance, but there's actually something very clever and subtle to it that's working toward Crazy like a fox means an act that appears foolish but is actully shrewd and cunning. Fox spirit is the grand problem solver, this totems appearance in your life carries great meaning. Perelman as the title of a book. Clich smart and clever. Failing that, sit The population was 2,139 at the 2010 census. Foxes are most active at night, but also are day animals. Homer refers to being "Stupid like a fox" which is a play on the term "Crazy like a fox", a phase coined in 1944 by humourist S.J. Its a self-explanatory phrase. ... and *cunning as a fox. Reynard is known as a trickster who always gets into trouble, yet can always talk his way out of it! Top definition. clever. crazy like a fox very cunning or shrewd. shoot someone's fox thwart someone's plans or ambitions by pre-empting them. Maybe you're hungry as a horse! ... Get a crazy like a fox mug for your father Callisto. The spirit will guide you to solitude and silence until the way out is shown. Try It Out. Fox spirit animal and nocturnal habits. up vote 7 down vote favorite. He praised his opponent for being clever and ruthless. Spirit Animal Meanings: Fox, Owl, ... deep meaning or purpose behind your animal. Leon's List of English Similes. Are you sly as a fox? He can be as scary in person as he is on screen that man is crazy like a fox. Crazy Like a Fox is an American television series set in San Francisco, California, that aired on CBS from December 30, 1984 to May 3, 1986. Note: The image here is of the fox that is traditionally seen as clever and able to trick people. (*Also: as ~.) meaning: Sb follows sb wherever ... Sly Fox: As clever as a fox. Like a fox breaking into a chicken coop hit the problem from every angle. clever as a fox meaning, clever as a fox definition | English Cobuild dictionary. Clue: Like a fox. (*Also: as ~.) crazy like a fox Very clever, cunning, or shrewd while appearing foolish or mad. Define crazy like a fox: appearing foolish or strange but actually very clever crazy like a fox in a sentence *sly as a fox and *cunning as a fox. See also: crazy, fox, like. fox meaning, definition, what is fox: a wild mammal belonging to the dog family that has a pointed face and ears, a wide tail. All this is mere rhetoric, and full of clever self-excusing. "Crazy like a fox" implies that some is acting in a way that seems irrational and pointless on the surface, but in fact serves a hidden, intentional goal.